Providing classes in ballet and pointe, lyrical, jazz, tap and Acro/ tumbling

​​​Classes Offered

At Cunningham Dance, we are proud to inform that our professional staff has over 100 years of dance teaching experience! Our first goal is to provide sound training in a safe environment - thus, we go to great aims to follow pedagogy and curricula that allow your child to progress at a steady and consistent pace. We operate within a nine-month academic year program, with classes starting in September and ending with a spring recital in May.

Our summer technique program runs June through August.

Classical Ballet

Recognizing that strong ballet technique is the foundation for nearly all other dance forms, we provide rigorous classes for all ages, with the charge of imparting the skills and vocabulary that are requisite for each developmental stage.


Once dancers have developed intermediate-level technique, we encourage them to train in pointe work. Dancers are placed on pointe at the recommendation of the teacher. When evaluating, the teacher takes into account the student's skill, facility (weight, ankle mobility, foot strength, ability to hold turned out positions, and core strength), dedication, and degree of focus. We recognize that pointe is not for everyone.


If you love rhythms, then tap dancing is the dance form for you! Sign up, bring your tap shoes, and learn good ole hoofin'! We provide tap classes for all ages and levels. 


Our teachers provide sound, traditional technique, along with a variety of styles -  employing the stylistic moves conducive to musical theater, hip-hop, and contemporary jazz.


A wonderful, expressive hybrid of ballet and jazz; as such, we recommend students enrolled in a lyrical class are concurrently enrolled in at least one ballet class per week.

Acro/ Tumbling

Acro and tumbling skills are widely used in cheer-leading and dance choreography. Tumbling skills are largely what is observed in floor gymnastics - cartwheels, round-offs, back-handsprings, back tucks, front and back walkovers, aerials, etc. These skills are great for developing both upper and lower body strength, core strength, flexibility and coordination.

Joy of Dance/ Pre-K and Kindergarten  

Our sampler class is a wonderful way to introduce your child to the many disciplines of dance and movement! Within each 60-minute session, your child will enjoy 20 minutes of tap, 20 minutes of ballet, and 20 minutes of acro/ tumbling.  Tuesday-5:00pm, Wednesday-5:00pm (with experience).

Monday Advanced - 4:00 tap, 5 jazz, 6 lyrical/contemporary, 7 to 9 ballet/pointe.

Wednesday Advanced - 6:00 acro/tumbling, 7 to 9 ballet/pointe.

Monday Intermediate Teens - 5:00 jazz, 6 lyrical, 7 to 8 ballet/pointe,

8:30 acro/tumbling (experienced teens).

Tuesday Advanced Beginner- Tuesday -6:00-ballet, 6:30-acro/tumbling, 7:00-tap, 7:30-jazz.


Thursday Beginner-5:00-ballet, 5:30-acr0/tumbling, 6:00-tap, 6:30-jazz.

*Please contact me if you have a group of six or more that would like to schedule

    one hour a week or more of class time for the fall session.



Go to our contact page and submit a form if interested in class scheduling.

If you have experienced dancers, please contact us for placement in the appropriate classes.